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Pegasus spyware does such spying in your phone, to avoid it, just do this work

Pegasus spyware is once again a topic of discussion in the whole country these days. Earlier in the year 2019, when it was heard about, many WhatsApp users complained about their phone being hacked by Pegasus. These included many activists and journalists. Often it comes out in the report that people’s phones are being hacked, but people do not know how they happen and what is the way to avoid them.

This group has prepared
Pegasus is a spyware developed by the Israeli group NSO. It came into the limelight in the year 2016, when an Arab activist received a suspicious message. Earlier it was believed that Pegasus only targets iPhone users, but research has revealed that it not only targets iPhone users but also Android users.

How does it affect your phone?
Pegasus can access your WhatsApp end-to-end encrypted chats by hacking your phone. It can also track your messages and calls. Apart from this, it can also track the activity of your app. Not only this, it can also break into your location, data and video camera.

How to protect against Pegasus spyware
If you want to avoid this spyware, then you have to take care of many things. Many companies give high level security for their apps and keep updating them from time to time, so you should use updated version of those apps, this reduces the chances of your phone getting hacked. In a few days, you should keep checking the security of your social media accounts. If any link comes to you in any way on which you are suspicious, then such link should be deleted from the phone immediately. Don’t forget to click on it.

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