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Pending its reopening, a cinema in Castres is hosting the Puls’art company from Montpellier in residence


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The Puls’art company moved to Lido de Castres to rehearse “Going Line”, its latest creation inspired by confinement.

While waiting to find the screenings and the public, the Lido cinema in Castres has tried out a new artistic practice: hosting a dance company in residence, Puls’art, originally from Montpellier. A show inspired by confinement that mixes dance, video and painting. “We wondered a lot about how to continue to transmit dance, in the lessons, on stage, via the screen. How to make this screen alive, organic” explains Macha Mélanie, artistic director of Going Line

The performance is multidisciplinary. To complete this device, a painter was invited to express on a canvas, live, what she saw on stage.

A unique and rich experience for the cinema which welcomes all these artists and would like to repeat the experience. “We are already open to the opera, the theater. And it’s true that we always try to renew ourselves” explains Florence Panis, the director of the cinema. “I think that what we are doing is quite avant-garde. And I hope that it will be able to give ideas to welcome the live show”.

The next step in this unprecedented collaboration, the programming of Going Line on display at the Lido. In the meantime, the video from this residency can be found on the company’s Facebook page.

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