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People often make these four mistakes while exercising

Doing the same type of workout every day does not give better results on the body.

If you exercise to control weight or are a fitness lover and work out in the gym for hours to stay fit, then it is very important to take care of some things during exercise. While working out to stay fit and to control weight, you make some mistakes which can reduce the effect of your workout.

Mistakes made during workouts can harm your health instead of benefiting. Because of these mistakes, you do not get the full benefit of your workout. Let us know what mistakes you make during the workout and how you can improve them.

Wearing loose or tight clothes during exercise: The clothes you wear during exercise should neither be too tight nor too loose. Workout clothes should be such that sweat can be absorbed. Irritation occurs during workouts due to such clothes. Your clothes should be stretchable, so that body movement is easy during the workout.

Not warming up the body: Some people start doing their exercise directly as soon as they go to the gym, they do not warm up the body, which is absolutely wrong. This can lead to increased pain in the body or the risk of injury.

Doing the same exercise every day: Some people think that if they do heavy exercise daily to lose weight, then it will have more effect on their body, this is completely wrong. If you do the same workout every day, then it can get boring for you. At the same time, doing the same type of workout does not give better results on the body.

Haste to finish a workout session: We set a time limit for working out, due to which we keep on exercising back to back. Back to back exercises do not relax the body. After completing three sets of any exercise, pause for a few seconds, then start the second exercise.


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