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Peugeot Django – modern substance in classic style

Django has a European design, 7 unique color options, and customers who buy cars are given a 24-hour rescue package for three years.

Peugeot Django is a rookie in the high-end scooter segment in Vietnam. The French brand positions this as a model with a luxurious and classic design, suitable for a variety of user styles.

Design and utility equipment

Django is designed with the principle of “Design in Motion”, inspired by the classic style of the Paris streets of the 1950s. Neo – Retro design on Peugeot Django is shown with a simple shell. The body of the car is teardrop style, elongated to the back and has a wide raft to the sides, creating a balanced posture for the overall design. The highlight here is the bold chrome lines and stripes.

Peugeot Django cars with many fashionable colors at the showroom.

The “French lion” logo is placed in a black plastic array, surrounded by a V-shaped LED rim on the mask. The turn signal strip is arranged in balance on both sides. The rear light cluster has a small, quite delicate design. Rearview mirror is made of shiny metal, anti-rust. The watch face combines modern electronics and analog clocks, displaying speed. In versions with white color scheme, the multi-spoke design rims are painted in the same cream white tone, measuring 12 inches.

Peugeot Django is inspired by the design of the famous S55 and S57 models of the time, unique two-seat style. Leather saddle with embossed stitches, divides the front and rear saddles into two separate parts. The rear saddle is fully fixed while the front seat can be closed down and opened up.

Django bodywork design is classic.

Django bodywork design is classic.

The plus point of Django is that the floor is flat, the area is quite large. The storage compartment under the saddle can hold two half helmets or a ¾ helmet and some other small personal items. In addition, the storage compartment is also carpeted, creating a clean feeling as well as reducing the heat from the engine.

The car is equipped with disc brakes for both wheels with ABS front wheel. The watch face provides the user with information such as the remaining fuel capacity in the tank, the hour, the outdoor temperature, the total number of kilometers traveled and the trip measurement. Two storage compartments and a USB charging port in front of the legroom. The trunk has a capacity of 18 liters.

Django’s length, width and height dimensions are 1,925 x 710 x 1,190 (mm), respectively. Wheelbase 1,350 mm. Seat height 770 mm, raw weight 137 kg.

Operational ability

Peugeot Django uses 125 cc “EasyMotion” engine, electronic fuel injection for a capacity of about 11 horsepower at 8,000 rpm. Maximum pulling power is 11.2 Nm at 6,000 rpm. CVT gearbox similar to rivals.

At the footrest position of the rear passengers, there are additional small air intakes that both cool the engine and create the aerodynamics of the car. The company’s representative said that Django’s engine is optimized for design structure, applying modern technology to bring a balance between economy and performance. This engine block meets Euro 4 emission standards.

Various colors, fashion accessories options tùy

Peugeot distributor sells a series of optional accessories for Django customers such as helmets, high or low windshield, front baga, stainless steel car protection frame, rear baga… These are all accessories. designed by the company in accordance with the fashion style of the motorcycle brand from France.

Django bodywork design is classic.

Django bodywork design is classic.

Peugeot Django is distributed at Peugeot car dealers nationwide, priced at 68 million VND. Optional colors of the car include: Bleu France Blue, Milky White, Deep Ocean Blue, Mad Grey, Milky White/Orange and Satin Cherry Red color combinations.

Customers who buy a car at this time are offered a nationwide ZuttoRide 24/24 rescue package with a period of 3 years, including services: repair, on-site delivery of gasoline, handling of lost or damaged keys, transport the car to the shop when the car has a problem…

Tuan Vu (Image: Peugeot)


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