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Pinot affair: “He did not strike any blow”, assures the lawyer of Alain Schmitt who denounces “slander”

Alain Schmitt, accused of having violently molested his partner Margaux Pinot, denounced the attacks and death threats he has been subjected to since his release.

Judoka Alain Schmitt, companion and trainer of judoka Margaux Pinot, is in turmoil. The 27-year-old posted a photo on social media on Wednesday, her face swollen after what appears to be an exchange of blows with her boyfriend. Accused of having violently hit the judoka, Alain Schmitt, also physically marked by the altercation, spoke in the columns of The team Wednesday evening. Released by the Bobigny court for lack of evidence, the 38-year-old man says he is the victim of death threats on social networks.

I am at the worst. I can’t take any more of these calumnies. I thought that once justice was done I would be left alone. But it does not stop, on the media, on social networks. Nothing is controlled. I get bullying messages, death threats», He develops. In conflict with Margaux Pinot for some time, Alain Schmitt was to take the direction of Israel for a position within the local women’s team. Before the case, the Israeli Judo Federation decided to “suspend all contact with Alain Schmitt“.

Alain Schmitt “did not deal any blow on Margot Pinot” according to his lawyer

This Thursday morning, Alain Schmitt’s lawyer, Maître Malik Behloul, spoke on BFM TV . He declares that his client “dealt no blow to Madame Margaux Pinot“. “The violence that may have caused these marks on the face is linked to the fact that they crumpled on the floor, that they fell several times and that they both bumped into the walls of the apartment. Madame Pinot», He pleads.

For her part, Margaux Pinot shared her misunderstanding on Wednesday about the release of Alain Schmitt on Twitter. She was then supported by several judokas including Teddy Riner and Clarisse Agbégnénou. The French Judo Federation also said it was “stunned” by the decision. The judoka made the decision to change lawyers following the court decision.


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