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Plank like Mandira can keep yourself fit, know how to do it and what are the benefits

Plank has many benefits for your body and mind. Some studies have even touted the plank as a workout version of meditation, as it puts positive stress on your body and mind.

Actress and sports anchor Mandira Bedi is very conscious about her fitness. She keeps motivating us with her workout posts. Mandira Bedi, who maintained great fitness even at the age of 49, has once again set massive fitness goals. Actually, he posted a picture of himself on Instagram. In this, she is seen doing plank. He wrote in the caption of the picture, ‘Plank you very much.’

Fans were quite impressed by Mandira’s fitness and dedication towards her. He praised Mandira. One user wrote, ‘Wonderful to see you doing what you love.’ Another user commented, ‘Exercise keeps the body healthy and beautiful.’

If you are also ready for a quick and effective workout in the morning, then why not practice plank? Plank exercise is not only a great workout, but it is also easy to do. Doing this strengthens the muscles. Also it has many other advantages.

You can do this exercise anywhere. In this, the weight of the body has to be kept on the toes and elbows of the feet. If you are starting it, then do it only under the supervision of the trainer. Health and fitness entrepreneur Praneeth Shilimkar told The Indian Express, ‘The plank is a two-step position.’

Fitness expert explains how to do plank.

  • Lie on your stomach and raise your torso with the help of elbows and toes.
  • Make sure your back is straight, imagine a straight line extending from your neck to the heels.
  • It is forbidden to move. The first move should be focused on balancing and tightening your core muscles.
  • Hold (maintain) this plank position.
  • Start contracting your navel, thigh muscles and buttocks as much as you can.
  • During this the backbone should be absolutely straight. Avoid movement. Pull your shoulders back. You should feel a tightening sensation in your abdomen.
  • Stay in this position for as long as possible.

What are the benefits of plank?

  • Plank has many benefits for your body and mind. Some studies have even touted the plank as a workout version of meditation, as it puts positive stress on your body and mind.
  • The plank is a wonderful exercise to work on your core strength. Though it is challenging, but done in the right way can give incredible results.
  • The abdominal muscles get strengthened. This exercise strengthens almost the whole body and keeps the body in shape. It is also effective in reducing belly fat.
  • Plank exercise is more effective than sit-ups and crunch exercises in strengthening core muscles. Doing this has a positive effect on almost all the important muscles of the core area.
  • Good balance is essential for any exercise. Along with making the muscles and body strong, the plank exercise also improves the balance of the body.
  • Regular practice of plank exercise prevents diseases like osteoporosis. The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends plank exercises to prevent osteoporosis.
  • The lower back muscles are more active with the practice of plank exercise daily. In addition, this exercise also supports the neck and spine and makes it strong. Also sixpack abs are also made.

What should be avoided while doing this?

Planking can be challenging for some people. “It can be challenging for people who have had an upper torso injury including arm, elbow, shoulder or neck,” Shilimkar said. He suggests starting with a time of 45 seconds when you’re learning to plank.


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