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Pochettino before Lille-PSG: “Not a revenge against Losc but against ourselves”

The Argentinian coach of Paris Saint-Germain answered questions from the press two days before the Champions Trophy against Lille in Tel Aviv.

The Champions Trophy : “We do not choose the moment of a final. We have to adapt to it. We do not have the full workforce, that’s for sure, but there is no excuse before this final (the South Americans, Sergio Ramos and Gianluigi Donnarumma will certainly be missed, Editor’s note). Revenge? It is not a revenge against Lille. It’s more of a revenge against ourselves. Not having won the title in Ligue 1 and leaving the track in the Champions League semi-finals against Manchester City, it leaves a bitter taste. We will do everything to change this situation. We do not have all our strengths against Lille, but there is no excuse and we will do everything to win this title. Lille favorite because of the few movements in their workforce? As a PSG coach, I can’t see another favorite team (smile).

Young people : “They have a lot of playing time in this period of preparation and pre-season. At the training center, there is potential, very good players. We must now wait until the end of the transfer window to see the places available in the workforce. There will be more or less. But I hope they will have this possibility. But we will have to keep working to have this opportunity in the future.

Mbappé, Wijnaldum, Kimpembe against Lille : “With the technical staff, the performance sector and the medical sector, we analyze the situation of these players. We will see tomorrow (Saturday) to know if they will make the trip or not. These are special cases. And individual progression is important in this period.

Achraf Hakimi : “He is a player who offers us several options, especially in the offensive aspect. He has a lot of physical and technical potential, he can overflow, dribble, get into the heart of the game. He adapts very well. He had the Covid-19 when he arrived , like many of us when we first arrived at the club. But he makes a very good adaptation and he fits in very well with the group.

“I am very happy with the work done so far. “

Mauricio Pochettino on the PSG transfer window

Mercato : “We analyze the circumstances and we evaluate the different options that appear. The club continues to work discreetly. I am very happy with the work done so far and which continues.

Gini Wijnaldum : “He is a player who can evolve in different registers, offensively and defensively, without problem. He can play higher, lower … He is an aggressive player offensively and defensively, who can go into the opponent’s box to score.

The match in Tel Aviv : “I am very happy to come to Israel, it is the first time that I come to Tel Aviv. It’s always good to know a new city, a new country. It will be hot but we played in Portugal, where the temperature was high (last Tuesday in a friendly, against Sevilla FC , Editor’s note). Players will be able to adapt. It will be the same for both teams anyway.

The competition between Keylor Navas and Gigio Donnarumma : “How to handle this situation? Naturally, with spontaneity, the same way we do with the rest of the players. Human relationships must be natural, they must be healthy. It takes a competitive spirit to raise the bar. All coaches prefer to have 22 players of the same level, not just 11. It helps to raise the level so that we show a very high level every time. These are decisions to be made. At the end of the day, there are only 11 players starting out. We will be there to bring naturalness to relationships and decisions.

Departure rumors : “We are football professionals, we are not here to deny the rumors. Rumors are rumors. We worked in the summer in peace. Neither I nor the club thought it necessary to deny the rumors.“(Various sources had mentioned an interest of Real Madrid and Tottenham in his place, Editor’s note)

Sergio ramos : “He, like the other rookies, they are players that we wanted and we are happy that they are there because they will bring something different to the team.

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