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Pochettino: “We weren’t at the level collectively, not just Mbappé”

The Parisian coach delivers his feelings after the defeat against AS Monaco on Sunday night (0-2).

At the Parc des Princes

Two rooms, two atmospheres … Brilliant five days ago in Barcelona (4-1 victory), the Parisians did not present the same face against AS Monaco this Sunday, at the end of the 26th day of Ligue 1. And they conceded another defeat (0-2), the sixth of the season in the league and the second against ASM.

The differences between the matches in Barcelona and against Monaco : “The matches are different, the competitions are different. We started well but we conceded a first goal and Monaco had a good game defensively. We had 75% of possession but we had some shortcomings at the offensive level … “

The state of mind and a possible decompression after the win against Barça : “We had just talked about this before. We got off to a good start. The matches are different. We didn’t have a good game. Monaco scored on both occasions and we didn’t produce the same thing. “

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Marco veratti : “It was a decision to protect him. He wasn’t able to play 90 minutes. ”

Environment not creative enough with Ander Herrera in place of Verratti : “When you lose, if you have to find someone responsible, he is in front of you. Afterwards, we can express opinions, everything is allowed and understood. ”

“The title ? As long as it is possible, we will fight ”

The title goes away : “It’s reality, we can’t change it. We will continue to fight, to try. The three points would have been good for us… As long as it is possible, we will fight. ”

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Kylian Mbappé transparent five days after his festival at Camp Nou : “Football is not mathematical. There are a lot of different circumstances. We weren’t up to the level to win this game, collectively and not just Kylian. Once again, if there is someone in charge, it’s me. ”

No victory against the other Top 4 teams in Ligue 1 : “It is reality. We’ve been here for a short time. But it is true that we will continue to work to improve ourselves and be at the expected level. ”

Interview at a press conference


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