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PODCAST – Florence Kahn: “I want to cook modern and nostalgic Jewish cuisine”

Behind the counter of her magnificent Yiddish specialty shop, at the corner of rue des Rosiers and rue Écouffes, in the Marais – historic district of the Jewish community in Paris -, Florence Kahn is chatting that afternoon, jovially, with one of his clients. Two pastrami sandwiches and a braided brioche packed later, the fifty-year-old dynamic easily concedes it: thirty-three years after joining the establishment, she plays today “A unifying role” within the local Jewish community, in particular by ensuring the transmission of the culinary traditions of his ancestors.

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Cumin bread, beurek with grilled vegetables, Hungarian strudel, hummus, smoked turkey with paprika, tarama, bagels… No question, however, for her of being only turned to the past. “I have adapted to modernity, to today’s culinary habits. I don’t want this Ashkenazi cuisine to be ghetto cuisine, which could fossilize and become extinct ”, she confides in this second episode of the podcast “Place des Religions”.

“Memory of the mouth”

“This passion for cooking was passed on to me by my parents, my grandparents. But above all, I was as though imbued with a duty of memory, not towards religion, but towards this memory which really comes out of the mouth, of everyone… ”, continues the author ofnumerous collections of recipes, including The Great Book of Ashkenazi Jewish Cuisine (1).

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While her shop experiences a certain buzz around Jewish holidays, from Shabbat to Yom Kippur via Rosh Hashanah, Florence Kahn does not describe herself as a religious woman: “I didn’t grow up in a religious family at all. You have to know one thing, it is that the Ashkenazi Jewish families who were touched by the Shoah really have a hard time believing in God afterwards! The latter was therefore not at all the center of my attention … But tradition, the preservation of Jewish life habits, have been! “

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Among the other invited personalities: Thierry Marx, two-star chef and follower of Buddhism; Djamel Bouhadda, chef of the halal gourmet restaurant Le Médaillon; Stéphane Esclef, rector of the Sacré-Cœur basilica in Montmartre and former chef in major Parisian palaces …

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