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Poitiers: prisoners are members of the jury of a documentary film festival

At the Poitiers-Vivonne detention center, several inmates are members of the jury for the “Filmer le travail” festival. Flo, an inmate, talks about how happy she is to have an opinion that matters.

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It is an opening to the world, which looks like a big breath of fresh air for the prisoners of the Poitiers-Vivonne penitentiary center. Several people imprisoned in this center are indeed members of the jury of the documentary film festival “Filmer le travail”, which takes place from February 19 to 28.

Flo, an inmate, is part of the jury. She watches the films and gives her opinion on each documentary. “It’s important to give your opinion. We were several inmates to do so. We say what we thought of each film. What we liked and what we liked less, and then we vote for one movie in particular. I like participating in activities “, she says.

In Poitiers, inmates are jury of a documentary festival

Due to Covid, the organizers were unable to hold public screenings. But broadcasts on the Internet took place and the success was there with each time approximately 5000 viewers connected in streaming. “It’s interesting that the documentary meets different audiences, audiences of people in detention, schoolchildren, people who are not used to seeing documentary films. When we show them films, we often go realize that they are surprised to appreciate these films and that it generates discussions “, says Vincent Lapize, director speaking for the festival.

At the detention center, Mélanie Forestier plays a major role. This socio-cultural coordinator of the detention center is the link between the detainees and the festival. “This year, the choice has been very, very narrow. So you have to compare ideas. It’s having a voice that counts. It’s a vote, it’s not nothing”, she concludes.

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