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“Police everywhere, images nowhere”: filmmakers oppose the bill which wants to limit the distribution of police images

The Society of Film Directors (SRF) and film personalities denounced Thursday, November 12 the majority bill aimed at penalizing use “malicious” images of the police, seeing it as a “pure and simple censorship”.

In a column published by Liberation the signatories, including filmmakers such as Bertrand Tavernier, Jacques Audiard, Raymond Depardon or Ken Loach, ask the deputies not to vote for these provisions of the text on “Global security”, carried by two parliamentarians LREM and who is to be debated from November 17th.

Journalists’ unions have already denounced this project, seeing it as an attack on press freedom, and the Defender of Rights considered that it was weighing down “considerable risks” for fundamental rights. On the contrary, it is defended by the police union organizations.

“For many filmmakers, this law would constitute outright censorship. A film like the recent one A country that stands wise by David Dufresne (co-signatory of the platform, editor’s note) could not see the light of day, the majority of the image sources he uses falling within the scope of the law “, worry the signatories, including 800 “cinema and image professionals”.

Released at the end of September, this film on police violence was based on numerous images filmed on a cell phone during the yellow vests demonstrations. “This law (…) prefigures a society governed by fear”, they continue: “Do not vote for a law that would blind the opposing powers, they are the guarantors of our democracy”, they conclude to the deputies.

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