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Police use ‘ghost cars’ to arrest drivers for violations

AmericaThe white Chevrolet Camaros with the words “Sheriff” and “911” in gray imprinted make drivers not realize this is a police car.

Traditional police cars in the US like the Ford Crown Victoria or Explorer are becoming obsolete as more modern products gradually appear, from the Chevrolet Bolt EUV electric car or the Dodge Durango Pursuit. But police in Harris County, Texas, have a unique idea with a new fleet of vehicles called “ghost patrol cars.”

One of five “ghost” Chevrolet Camaros owned by the Harris County Sheriff’s Department. Image: LaicApollo

Those are 5 full-body white Chevrolet Camaros, different from the familiar blue-white tones of American police cars. Also included are the words “Sheriff” and “911” in matte gray. The red and green flashing lights on the Camaros are also hidden and can only be recognized when turned on.

A ghost police car was caught on the road.  Photo: BruceAllmiighty

A police “ghost car” was caught on the road. Image: BruceAllmiighty

The “ghost cars” are also designed to remain undetected by radar and can detect speeding and other violations of drivers. According to the sheet Houston Chronicle, the Harris County sheriff’s office says the vehicles will “assist in removing dangerous drivers from the streets”.

The whole team of 5 ghost cars of the Harris County police.  Photo: BruceAllmiighty

The whole team of 5 “ghost cars” of the Harris County police. Image: BruceAllmiighty

In fact, while Camaros are designed to be discreet, they are gaining attention online as people warn each other about “ghost cars”. However, the arrival of these special models will also make drivers interested in speeding may have to think more carefully before breaking the law.

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