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Porsche 911 GT3 2022 – a sports car for those who like a manual transmission

Globally, 30% of GT3 buyers choose the manual version, 20-25% higher than the rest of the 911.

When Porsche launched the new 911 GT3 in early February, one of the most satisfying options was the manual transmission. The manual shift style not only suits many drivers, but also proves that the manual gearshift is still a good business direction.

The 911 GT3 2022 just launched and will go on sale in the US this year. Image: Porsche

With the launch of the 2017 GT3 series, the option of a manual transmission is immediately welcomed. Reporters specializing in automobile capital prefer floor numbers. But according to Frank-Steffen Walliser, director of the sports division of Porsche, the public’s love for manual transmissions surprised him.

“We lost a lot of bottles when we bet on adoption when we launched the floor option again. We were surprised by how high the numbers were,” said Walliser.

Globally, 30% of customers choose the floor version when purchasing an existing GT3. According to Andreas Preuninger, director of the GT division of Porsche, this number is expected to increase to 40% with the new model.

A market poised to reach twice as much as the global market is the United States. Up to 70% of Americans choose to buy the manual version of the 911 GT3, according to the report Bloomberg. That’s what makes Walliser lose his bet.

The 911 GT3 2022 is available with a manual and PDK transmission option.  Photo: Porsche

The 911 GT3 2022 is available with a manual and PDK transmission option. Image: Porsche

Today, the H-shaped gearbox does not mean much when it comes to speed racing, because in the new GT3, the 6-speed gearbox accelerates 0-97 km / h slower than the PDK gearbox.

In addition, the 0-97 km / h acceleration does not make much sense in the car giving a feeling if the difference is small. To a majority of customers, it seems that a manual gearbox offers a sense of connection and appeal that they don’t want to lose.

Specifically, the GT3 manual accelerates 0-97 km / h in 3.7 seconds (PDK gearbox is 3.2 seconds). Thanks to the 4-liter engine, the 6-cylinder inline, the vehicle’s capacity reaches 502 horsepower and 469 Nm of torque. Porsche will start delivering the new 911 GT3 to American customers this fall. The selling price has not been announced.

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