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Porsche Macan – small luxury car with high ground clearance of the year

Macan surpassed Volvo XC60 and BMW X4 to win the Car of the Year 2021 award in the compact luxury car segment, organized by VnExpress.

Flexible design, agile operation in the city and sporty feeling behind the wheel on the road, Porsche Macan is the most outstanding model in the group of small high-rise cars in general in Vietnam. Porsche’s model won 83.82 points, the following two competitors were BMW X4 with 81.6 points and Volvo XC60 with 81 points, respectively.

The three best models in the small luxury segment with high ground clearance.

“Little tiger” Macan has long been a top choice in the sports-oriented small luxury car group. The car is currently sold in Vietnam in the form of German import, priced at 3.22-4.31 billion VND.

The Macan inherits Porsche’s sporty DNA, exciting operation at all speed ranges. The small SUV is suitable for the city, where space is tight but still contains enough power for acceleration thanks to the turbocharged 2.0-liter engine block, 252 horsepower capacity, four-wheel drive and manual transmission. dual compound PDK. If more sporty, customers can choose the GTS version with a configuration of 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 engine, capacity of 380 horsepower.

Porsche at a street in Ha Long.  Photo: Tran Huy Thang

Porsche at a street in Ha Long. Photo: Tran Huy Thang

X4 ranked below Macan with not much difference in scores. The coupe version of the X3 with a more flexible sport style is the choice of young urban entrepreneurs. The car has only one version in Vietnam, priced at VND 3,079 billion.

Video honoring typical car models

Winning car models at Car Awards 2021 organized by VnExpress.

XC60 surpasses other candidates to participate in the top 3 most prominent high-rise compact luxury SUVs in the segment. Volvo’s model is aimed at Nordic luxury, gentle and not too ostentatious. The car has 3 versions, priced at 2.19-2.75 billion VND.

Car Awards 2021 is the first professional program in Vietnam to vote and honor the typical car models of the market. VnExpress-Xe organization, in order to create a reputable reference source for readers, systematic, can synthesize the reviews of experts and experienced users.

The Car Awards 2021 ecosystem has a series of events, the focus is on voting “Car of the Year” and “Car of the Year by segment”.

“Car of the Year 2021” is the final award of the Car Awards 2021, selected by the Organizing Committee from the top 15 models in each segment. The selected car model must ensure the criteria to meet the current needs of Vietnamese customers, and at the same time update the trends of the world auto industry, be able to forecast and suggest demand for consumers in the future. near future.

The awards in each segment will be selected by the Jury with the structure: 60% of the points come from the Expert Panel and 40% of the points come from experienced readers. The professional panel selected by the Organizing Committee is specialized journalists, vehicle evaluation experts, technical experts, sales and product experts. Meanwhile, experienced readers are those who have used cars for many years and completed professional questionnaires given by the Organizing Committee.

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