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Porsche took 4 years to come up with a new paint color

Porsche paint fastness testing takes up to two years, and more steps are needed to come up with a new color.

Now, car exterior colors have become much more diverse than they were 10 years ago, not just the black, gray or white that dominated the last decade.

Daniela Milosevic, a designer in the color and trim design department at Porsche’s Weissach Development Center, says it takes years to think ahead to trends to ensure that the car’s colors match the color scheme. popular.

Some paint colors on Porsche cars. Photo: Porsche

She said the paint colors she’s working on at the moment won’t be approved for a minimum of three to four years. Each color goes through a series of tests to prove it can withstand the weather. To do this, paint is painted on test panels that are placed in bright sunlight for two years.

“Anything that passes the color stability test in Florida, is definitely colorfast,” says Milosevic. The tests for fire safety, saltwater, and rock impact also follow the same principle. Porsche’s rigorous testing rules”.

For inspiration, Milosevic and her team tend to look outside the automotive world, which is very interested in topics related to interiors and architecture. Milosevic says: “We use interior design and architecture as the source of ideas for our work. Fashion changes trends too quickly. On the contrary, the customer buys a sofa and keeps it for several years. , like a car”.

In his own mixing room, Milosevic can create new tint recipes and try out other recipes from the built-in color library. Experimenting with color is important and Porsche encourages the creation of multidimensional ideas, to keep itself at the forefront of design.

All of this means that each year, Milosevic and her team develop 12 paint colors for new models and products, of which only 4 are selected and developed for commercial vehicles.

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