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Precariousness: with “Debout les femmes!”, François Ruffin wants to highlight “auxiliaries of social survival”



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François Ruffin, deputy La France insoumise de la Somme and director, was the guest of the “4 Vérités” of France 2, Wednesday, October 20.

François Ruffin co-directed the documentary Stand up women! with Gilles Perret. By going to meet women working alongside the elderly, disabled children or even those who do housework, the deputy La France insoumise affirmed his desire to highlight women “not very visible“, which “great jobs“, but whose income is too low.”We have false part-times, since we ask them to go in the morning to spend with an elderly person, to open his shutters, to get the elderly person out of bed, to wash him, to feed him, all that with keep an eye on the clock to make it last in half an hour, then move on to a second contract like that (…). These are days with holes, they occur several times during the day but with great times in the middle“, criticizes François Ruffin.

In truth, they work a long time, but with real partial wages“, affirms the director, before continuing:” We have all these people of whom we are told, and all the deputies and candidates will repeat it, that they do an exceptional job (…) and yet, on arrival , on the payslip, it is 600, 700, 800 euros per month. They live, for the majority, below the poverty line even though they work a lot and do trades which are essential for our country. “François Ruffin has moreover described these workers as”social survival aids“.”I want to move on to ‘social life support’, that is to say that they themselves can have a real life alongside their work and that they bring to the elderly a real life that is not only to do all these tasks, but also the possibility of accompanying an elderly person to the cinema, to include them in social life“, lift the chosen one of the Slike.

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