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Pregnancy can cause miscerage with more or less weight, learn how to maintain healthy weight

Pregnancy Tips: The time of pregnancy is special for the whole family including the woman. Also, responsibility also increases. During this time, pregnant women should be more careful about their health, because it is through them that the baby growing in the womb gets nourishment. However, there are many changes in the body of pregnant women. During this time, the weight of many women also increases. For this reason, pregnant women often try to lose weight. But according to a recent study, both weight gain and incidence in pregnancy can be dangerous. Let’s know –

What is revealed: Researchers at the University of Southampton have reported that pregnant women who are overweight or overweight are at risk of miscarriage. They believe that poor lifestyle also leads to miscarriage. Talking about the results of this research, it was found that pregnant women whose body mass index i.e. BMI is less than 18.5 or 25 to 30 or more are more at risk of miscarriage.

How much weight should be in pregnancy: Health experts agree that at least a woman should weigh 45 kg for conception. Being underweight, a pregnant woman is said to be underweight. Also, women whose BMI is near 18.5 before pregnancy should gain at least 11 to 16 kg during pregnancy.

Why is low weight dangerous: Underweight women are deficient in nutrients such as folate and iron, which increases the risk of miscarriage. Not only this, there is also the possibility of early delivery. Not only this, it also affects the health of the baby. They are prone to diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cerebral palsy.

Risk of being overweight: Excess weight gain can also prove to be dangerous for pregnant women. Mothers and children may have to face many health complications due to this. There is a possibility of C-section due to excess weight. Pregnant women may be at risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension.

Things to keep in mind: Include nutritious foods in the diet during pregnancy. Also, give importance to protein and fibers in breakfast. Eat foods containing folic acid, vitamins in the diet. Drink plenty of water and avoid the consumption of junk food. Also, complete sleep and do not use alcohol-cigarettes.

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