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Premature What are the things to keep in mind while breastfeeding a newborn? Know

Tips on Breast Feeding: Becoming a mother is a difficult but most beautiful experience for every woman. Especially when she is about to become a mother for the first time. However, women also have to contend with many misconceptions during this period. Pregnant women are still aware of the things related to pregnancy, but they are not aware of everything related to post pregnancy and breast feeding. In such a situation, even a small problem during breastfeeding makes new mothers upset. Let us know today that if the baby is premature, then what should breastfeeding women keep in mind –

There is a need to be more careful about premature children. These babies require more care than normal babies. Breast milk provides early nutrition to children and keeps them away from the risk of diseases and infections. Please tell that the mother must consult a doctor when the baby is pre-mature. Also get all the necessary information.

How to feed pre-mature children: Health experts agree that the process of feeding any infant depends on gestation time. Accordingly, the feeding procedure is affected. But for the children who are born prematurely, their mothers should take care of a few things –

Health experts believe that these women should pump breast milk before they can feed their children. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), women should breastfeed babies within 1 hour of birth. This pumped milk should be fed to the mother baby through a feeding tube at least 8 times.

Contact a lactation consultant, it is necessary to have the right information to extract milk, use the breast pump properly. A pre-mature baby may lose weight. Also, they may have difficulty sucking or swallowing. That is why breast pump should be used.

When to get feed from breast: According to experts, when the baby starts 34 weeks, then feed them directly. Teach properly until it becomes a habit in children. Also, initially the mother should establish a skin to skin contact with the infant.

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