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Presidential: LR buries the primary and will designate its candidate by a vote of the members

Exit the primary: The Republicans (LR) will nominate their presidential candidate by a vote of their only members, party president Christian Jacob announced on Saturday, paving the way for a nomination of the right-wing candidate on December 4.

LR members, called to vote electronically since Friday evening, have chosen for nearly six out of ten voters (58%) the option of a two-round congress. The participation rate reached 50.28% of the vote.

Primary or not primary? The investigation ordered by LR to see more clearly does not solve anything

“This is good news, it allows December 4 that the debate is closed” and let the right be “Gathered behind a union candidate”, congratulated Christian Jacob.

The vote concerned a modification of the statutes, which since 2015 provided for a primary. But the experience left a bitter taste in 2016, eliminating Nicolas Sarkozy in the first round, and exacerbating tensions until the failure of François Fillon in the presidential election.

A dinner, 5 presidents, the same look… A photo that says a lot

On Saturday, the Republicans chose to reserve the vote to only LR members “Up to date of contribution 15 days before the poll”, and two rounds as well. An expected choice, given the reluctance for the primary displayed by the activists in the vast survey published Wednesday by LR.

“Right and center values”

This option opens the door to the participation of Xavier Bertrand, leading the polls without crushing the match, and who would be “Ready to submit” at a congress even if he refuses a primary, according to Christian Jacob. This congress will be set up under the leadership of an organizing committee comprising “One representative of each of the candidates”. For the moment are declared Valérie Pécresse (ex-LR) and Michel Barnier, supporters of an open primary, as well as Eric Ciotti and Philippe Juvin. “It’s up to them to formulate” their request, said Jacob.

Should we put an end to the primaries?

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Applicants will need to recognize themselves “In the values ​​of the right and the center”, and having collected “At least 250 sponsorships of elected officials” supported by LR. A control instance will be created to verify “Admissibility of applications” especially with regard to “Of their compatibility” to these values. Another innovation, LR will acquire a “Prevention procedure” to be able to disconnect the candidate if he “Cannot, for whatever reason”, stay in the race. The idea is to avoid a crash similar to that of François Fillon in 2017.

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