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Probe discovers mysterious cube-shaped house on the Moon, guess what?

Monday, December 6, 2021 10:45 AM (GMT+7)

An image sent back by China’s Yutu-2 (Jade Rabbit 2) rover shows a mysterious “house” or “hut” in the distance on the Moon. The strange thing is that this “house” seems to have a perfect cube shape. What do scientists predict that could be?

During the exploration of the Moon, China’s Yutu-2 probe captured an image of a mysterious “object” on the horizon. This object has the shape of a cube, but it is far away so it is difficult to determine what it is.

Chinese space websites call the object a “mysterious little house,” but the US site Space says it’s more of a memorable and easy-to-call name than an accurate description.

“Mysterious Little House” on the Moon. Photo: CNSA/CNET.

Scientists are all very curious about this object. It is expected that the Yutu-2 will spend the next 2-3 Moon days (ie 2-3 months on Earth) to get closer, capture a clearer image, thereby identifying the object. what is that.

Some aerospace experts think this could be a large rock that was thrown to the surface by some kind of impact. As for why it has such a square shape, it remains to be studied further.

Probe discovered

The enlarged image shows the strange object with the shape of a cube. Photo: CNSA/ Our Space.

During its exploration of the Moon, the Yutu-2 spacecraft discovered something “gel-like” at the bottom of an impact crater (the crater formed by the high-velocity collisions of small celestial bodies). to the surface of the larger celestial body). But as it turned out, that “substance” was just rock. The ship also noticed some strange “shards”, but in the end it was also rocks.

So far, what the rover has discovered is only rocks. That’s why scientists believe that “mysterious little house” is no exception. However, with its standard shape, it could be something else!

Probe discovered

So far, the “interesting” things discovered by the probe on the Moon have turned out to be all rocks. Photo: CGTN.

Anyway, there is very, very little chance (almost zero) that it is an alien construction or a real house of someone who has been on the Moon and is now moving elsewhere.


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