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Property of LJP candidate Renu Kumari increased by 169% in 5 years

Bihar Election 2020: Today, voting is being held for the last phase of Bihar assembly elections. Renu Kumari, an MLA from JDU and an MP from Samata Party, is contesting from Khagaria constituency this time on an LJP ticket. Renu Kumari, the candidate of Lok Janshakti Party, has spent Rs 24.5 lakhs on vehicles and jewelery in the last five years. Renu Kumari’s wealth has increased by 169% in these five years.

Renu Kumari’s assets in the 2015 assembly elections were Rs 1.88 crore, which has now increased to Rs 5.08 crore. According to the election affidavit, Renu Kumari has movable assets worth Rs 1.25 crore which was Rs 68.7 lakh in 2015. In the last five years, the price of Renu Kumari’s jewelery has increased by Rs 3.57 lakh. Apart from this, Renu Kumari has also bought a vehicle which is worth 21 lakh rupees. He has Rs 1.3 lakh in cash. According to the election affidavit, he has Rs 63.16 lakh in his bank accounts. Renu Kumari has also invested Rs 19 lakh in the stock in the last five years.

Renu Kumari’s real estate has seen a big increase. Renu Kumari had immovable assets worth Rs 1.2 crore in 2015, which has now increased to Rs 3.82 crore.

Renu Kumari has residential property worth Rs 3.23 crore whereas in 2015 it was only Rs 70 lakh. Apart from this, he also has agricultural land worth Rs 59 lakhs, which has seen an increase of Rs 9 lakhs in the last 5 years. He also has a liability of 9 lakhs. Let us tell you Renu Kumari has done PhD from Bhagalpur University. According to the election affidavit, he has no criminal case.

The elections were fought on a BJP ticket in 2015: Renu Kumari has also been an MLA from JDU. In 1999, she also reached Parliament by winning the Lok Sabha elections from Khagaria on a Samata Party ticket. In 2015, he contested from Samastipur Assembly seat on a BJP ticket where he lost to RJD candidate.

Renu Kumari’s path is not easy on the Khagaria constituency. He faces Poonam Devi Yadav, sitting MLA of JDU and Chhatrapati Yadav of Congress.

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