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PSG-Leipzig: Paris still “under construction” according to Pochettino, “a step forward” for Marsch

The two coaches delivered their feelings after the Champions League match between PSG and RB Leipzig on Tuesday (3-2).

Mauricio Pochettino (PSG coach, after the 3-2 victory over Leipzig) : “We started the meeting well. Afterwards, we were too close to each other, it made things easier for Leipzig, and we had unprovoked losses of balls. We did not manage to break the first line of pressing of this aggressive team. But I’m happy with the character the team showed to turn things around after the second goal and win this game, that was very important for us. We had possession, but we would have liked to have it higher up the field. These are things to improve. We’re still a team under construction. (…)

We did some good things. On the offensive side, we did well in the combinations, for example. Defensively, we took two goals in transition phases during which we were outnumbered. This is the kind of thing that needs to be improved. Mbappé and Messi, the tree that hides the forest? Talking about the talent of Kylian and Leo comes down to evoking the obvious. Having this quality is good. In matches where it may be harder collectively, these players make the difference.

Jesse Marsch (Leipzig coach) : “Our plan worked well, but we made too many easy mistakes after leading. And finally, we may have deserved this defeat … But we must congratulate this young team who played well. And it was a step forward in terms of the evolution of the team. Often, it’s very hard to play in C1 against the biggest teams. (…) We would have had to have a perfect match to have a chance and we almost succeeded. It was good, but not good enough. (…) Christopher Nkunku was the best player on the pitch with Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé, that means something. (…) It’s easy to analyze: it’s almost impossible to leave this group and access the 8th. The Europa League must be a goal.

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