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PUBG Mobile: How to locate an opponent with gunshots

Sunday, April 11, 2021 08:00 (GMT + 7)

The guns in PUBG Mobile VN reflect and provide you with a lot of useful information.

Knowing where the enemy is in PUBG Mobile VN (PUBG Mobile) is extremely important, helping you to master the game. But this is not completely easy without the “hard” skills and a steel spirit because you are easily disturbed from the surrounding gunshots.

Determining the opponent’s direction through gunshots is not difficult.

What does gunfire reflect in PUBG Mobile game?

PUBG Mobile gives gamers a pretty detailed gunshot sound experience. Hearing gunfire in the game reflects and gives you a lot of useful information for better combat tactics.

Heard gunshots let you identify or at least make judgments:

– The position of the opponent (via the direction of the shot).

– The distance (estimated: near or far) the opponent’s relative.

– What kind of gun was fired from.

– Be fired when the gun is equipped with any accessories.

Gun bullet sound system in PUBG Mobile

In the survival game PUBG Mobile, the gun sound system is designed to help players feel the vividness and thrill as real from all kinds of gunshots.

– Gun sound (exploding): Gun explosions are designed according to real-life shooting parameters. Sound moves at 340m / s. If someone is 340m away from you, when he pulls the trigger, you will not hear gunshots 1 second later.

PUBG Mobile: How to locate an opponent with gunshots - 3

The enemy most likely moved away from the place where the gun was fired.

– The sound of bullets hissing, friction with the air: During the course of playing PUBG Mobile game, you still often hear the sound of bullets rushing in your ears. Depending on the position and type of gun you can feel.

– Bang: When you are hit, beside the character’s cry, there is also the sound of a bullet “lodging” at the body and a blue effect, reducing the HP bar.

How to locate the enemy with gunshots in PUBG Mobile

Continually observe the minimap

It can be said that the small map (on the top right corner of the screen) is extremely important in all fighting situations in PUBG Mobile. It helps you position yourself in a large space and know what you are doing, where you are and where you are going.

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Observing the minimap continuously is paramount when playing PUBG Mobile.

Imagine you as a flashlight walking in the dark. The direction of the light is also the direction you go. You can also observe on the small map the same representation. Your position is a yellow dot. The direction of the face (also the direction) denotes the light as a flashlight.

Not only can you track the progress of the shrinking, the Red Zone position, the sound of enemy footsteps, the small map also gives you information on the enemy’s firing direction. When firing a gunshot within a range that allows it to be visible, you will see a bullet icon appear on the minimap.

PUBG Mobile: How to locate an opponent with gunshots - 5

Bold display level (represents close distances) – light (represents long distances)

Usually, observing the gunshot icon on a small map tells you the types of guns, but there are only two types of display so you need to distinguish and seek more information in battle. What’s more, the bold – pale expression of gunfire on the minimap lets you know the approximate distance (bold sign) or far (light indicated) of the opponent in PUBG Mobile.

The direction of the gunfire is not always where the enemy is

PUBG Mobile: How to locate an opponent with gunshots - 6

The direction of the gunfire is not always where the enemy is.

Gamers should pay attention to this. Common sense still happens, if you see the gunfire in any direction, the enemy will naturally be in that position. But be aware that the other person is constantly on the move, not lying down. When shooting, they were also aware that they would reveal their location so of course they had to leave after that, constantly changing places. So when you know the gunshot, you should immediately understand that the enemy may not be there anymore.

This is even more true at close range. For example, in the Sanhok PUBG Mobile map, you are hiding in a house and hear the gunshots very close, maybe just outside the street, behind some rock, but be careful because maybe the enemy has left. After shooting, it is possible that the enemy has defeated someone and went to “loot” the item. In another case, it is not destroyed and he goes after. So you won’t see him in a shooting position anymore.

Investing in headphones (headphone)

PUBG Mobile: How to locate an opponent with gunshots - 7

Wearing headphones with stereo sound makes it easier to locate left, right, front, and rear audio.

In locating the enemy, when you wear a headset, it will be very clear what the gun is (what gun is it, estimated distance …). From there, you can segment his position in any part of the map, inside or outside, near any location in the map. That is not to mention that you can also hear footsteps, the sound of drinking water, the sound of pumping blood, the sound of the pull of a grenade.

By paying attention to the accentuation on one side of the headset, you can determine the direction of the opponent more specifically. If the enemy shoots from the left side, the sound of the gunshot will be fully charged to the left and vice versa, the enemy fired from the right side you will hear the gunshot fully rushing to the right. When the enemy shoots from the front or back, the sound will be placed on both sides of the headset, now you can turn around to feel which direction the sound is facing and how loud / low the sound is to find out. enemy position.

The notes and some of the above basic instructions help you locate the enemy in PUBG Mobile through gunshots. In the process of playing, theory is only a very small part, depends on many other factors and is important on your own acumen. Wish you success and luck!

* Reference: PUBG Mobile VN


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