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[Publireportage] Aliexpress fall sales: -30 € while waiting for Black Friday

Why shop on the Aliexpress site?

Founded in 2010, AliExpress has succeeded in a few years in revolutionizing the e-commerce market. Currently, it is establishing itself as an e-commerce platform offering a complete catalog of several million products.

The great asset of this site? You can find everything there: fashion, smartphones, computers, toys, vehicle parts, household appliances, tools, cosmetics, jewelry, high-tech items, animal accessories, etc. The prices are generally very competitive and present good value for money. In addition, the site offers several delivery methods with the possibility of having it delivered anywhere in the world.

The sequel after the advertisement

Moreover, the online payment system is entirely secured and strictly respects data protection rules. In addition, by purchasing on AliExpress, you benefit from a buyer protection. So if you are not satisfied with a product, you can return it and receive a complete refund. Another essential advantage, the customer service is very responsive and responds quickly to all your questions and requests, even during weekends and 24 hours a day.

AliExpress good deals before Single Day and Black Friday

Single Day and Black Friday are must-see shopping events for great bargains. But in the meantime, Aliexpress offers great deals and great discounts every day. In addition, you can benefit at any time from many promotional codes allowing you to make more savings. With our Aliexpress promo codes, you get:

  • € 5 discount from € 10 purchase.
  • € 6 reduction from € 60.
  • 10 € discount from 100 €.
  • 15 € discount from 150 €.
  • € 20 reduction from € 199.
  • 30 € discount from 299 €

All the discount coupons for this promotion can be found on our Aliexpress Coupon Codes page!

Good deal Aliexpress: shop smart and save money

Take advantage of the € 1 offer for 3 months with Google

By choosing this promotional subscription route, you accept the deposit of an analysis cookie by Google.

As you can see, Aliexpress offers two types of discounts: current discounts and promo codes. The principle of an Aliexpress promo code is quite basic. This is a numeric, alphabetical or alphanumeric code used to activate a special reduction. This can be combined with a discount already applied to an article or a category of articles. Go now to our coupons page and discover all the good AliExpress deals of the moment.

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