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[Publireportage] Sale 2022: the best pajamas to stay warm at home

During the cold winter nights, many people are looking for cocooning under the duvet. It is one of the most pleasant charms that this season has to offer. A cozy bed or sofa, a hot and relaxing drink, a movie ” Teddy “… Without forgetting a nice pajama or an interior outfit that will be faithful to you all winter. The latter will keep you warm during a nap, while having breakfast or during the long frosty nights. To enjoy a large selection of pajamas and loungewear, do not hesitate to take the opportunity of the winter sales which run until February 8, 2022! In what follows, we offer you a selection of the best outfit ideas to cocoon at home.

The blanket jumpsuit

Ultra comfortable, this outfit is ideal for wrapping gently from head to toe. It is made for curling up on a sofa, watching TV and sipping hot tea. This combination is a real companion from the first frost. Once inside, you can enjoy a feeling of comfort. It brings a warmth so soft that it becomes difficult to part with it. Are you among the most resistant to cold? This jumpsuit swaddles you gently. Choose a variety of colors to make a beautiful style “Hibernation”.

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Soft pajamas

Indispensable for cocoon moments, this type of pajama is comfortable to wear at home to enjoy more heat. Opting for a model with a fluffy texture helps prevent chills. Its pilou pilou feel is ideal for spending the cold winter nights warm under the duvet.

Jogging and oversized sweatshirt

Do you want to make a comfortable but also stylish look at home? Jogging or an oversized sweatshirt can be a good option. Lightweight, mismatched, fleece… These clothes are suitable at any time of the day. There is something for all tastes and desires. It’s an outfit with enveloping, comfortable cuts that even cover the hands so you don’t have to pull on your sleeves every 20 seconds!

Faux fur slippers and wool socks

Notice to all frozen feet, this paragraph is for you! If you still feel like your toes are going to be cold, it’s probably time to treat yourself to a pair of woolen socks or slippers. Because yes, having a feeling of cold that runs through your whole body is very unpleasant. Putting on a pair of wool or faux fur socks therefore brings you additional well-being.

The sweater dress

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Elegant, practical and comfortable, the sweater dress makes a good pajama or indoor outfit, ideal for staying warm. This option allows you to remain feminine even in freezing temperatures. Loose without exaggerating the volumes, the sweater dress is an ideal ally for enjoying extra warmth. It is also suitable for relaxing evenings.

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The wardrobe for sleep is no longer immune to novelties and chic trends. Indeed, it is possible to be elegant even in pajamas. The cocooning season has some interesting sales in store for you to chill out at home quietly. So, don’t hesitate to use an Etam promo code. You will be able to find surprising and innovative ideas of pajamas. So you will spend the winter warm and sleep in style.

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