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Put out a burning car fire with a blanket

When a fire occurs, instead of traditional methods such as using water or a CO2 bottle, using a fire blanket is an effective way.

A car fire consumes a lot of water, for example a Tesla car fire recently required 12,000 liters of water to put out the fire. Norwegian company Bridgehill has come up with a new solution, a fire blanket can cover the vehicle, with the basic principle of isolating the flame from oxygen.

Video simulating the fire.

Car fires also create toxic gases, with a multitude of chemicals discharged into the environment and polluted smoke in the air during water combustion. The blanket will prevent this. But the blanket is not the absolute solution, as the lithium batteries in electric vehicles can burn without oxygen. Even so, the blanket was effective in isolating the fire until the firefighters arrived.

The blanket measures 6×8 m, weighs 28 kg, is capable of covering many different types and designs of vehicles. The act of putting the blanket on the ground, pulling it on top of the burning vehicle, and making sure the blanket is firmly attached to the ground. The company recommends leaving it on the car for at least 20 minutes to make sure the fire is out and that only firefighters can remove it.

The company offers two types of blankets, Standard and Pro. Standard is a product designed for spaces with lots of cars, such as parking lots and repair shops. Pro is reusable for up to 30 car fires, suitable for firefighters and other safety organizations. A fire blanket cannot completely put out a fire, but it can reduce damage until the firefighters arrive.

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