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Rajmata Gayatri Devi had given a challenge to the Congress, the name was entered in the Guinness World Records

Gayatri Devi had told that she had suddenly received a letter. In this, Raja ji said that he has to contest from Jaipur on Swatantra Party ticket. After that he contested the election and won.

Gayatri Devi, the Rajmata of Jaipur, had decided to enter politics. Gayatri Devi’s decision to enter politics shocked everyone. Gayatri Devi had no experience in politics before this. In his very first election, he won by 1 lakh 92 thousand 909 votes out of total 2 lakh 50 thousand 272. His name was included in the Guinness World Records because till now no candidate had won by so many votes.

Recalling her first election, Gayatri Devi while talking to ‘Simi Garewal’ had said, ‘Raja ji started the Swatantra Party. His aim was to improve the condition and direction of the country. Before contesting elections, I asked my husband if I could join Swatantra Party. He said why not? I asked how? He said that you have to fill only one form and it will cost 8 annas. Raja ji came to Jaipur one day and he asked me to attend the public meeting. This was the first time I was joining a public meeting.

Why it was difficult to be in opposition: Gayatri Devi further says, ‘I received a letter one day and it was written in it that they want me to be their candidate in the 1962 Lok Sabha elections. I was shocked to hear this and once again went to my husband. I didn’t believe at all that someone would choose me. My husband said that you must contest the election. At that time it was also very difficult to be in the opposition because the opposition did not get any help of any kind.

Gayatri Devi said, ‘When I came out for election campaign, I was surprised to see the view. Because for the first time I was seeing my area. Before that I didn’t usually go out. The people of my constituency gradually started mingling with me. When the election results came and I was shocked. Because at that time it was the victory with the highest margin. My secretary said that we have to take out a procession.

There was a gathering in Jaipur: Gayatri Devi says, ‘I once again ran to my husband and he said why not. Everyone came to Jaipur. People thronged the streets. This was a completely new experience for me. People were rejoicing in joy.’


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