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Ram Vilas Paswan did not keep mobile with him till the end, he also told the reason

Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan, who was among the prominent leaders of Bihar, died last week. This time Ram Vilas Paswan’s Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) is contesting alone in the Bihar Assembly elections. All responsibility of the party rests on the shoulders of his son Chirag Paswan. After the father’s death, Chirag Paswan is interacting with the workers through a virtual meeting, encouraging them.

Chirag Paswan has done engineering in computer science, he is very technology friendly. However his father Ram Vilas Paswan did not even keep a mobile with him till the end. But Ram Vilas Paswan never stopped his son Chirag from using mobiles. In 2014, both Ram Vilas Paswan and Chirag Paswan came together on the India TV program ‘Aap Ki Adalat’.

Then in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ Rajat Sharma asked Ram Vilas Paswan whether you would like to see Chirag in films or in politics? So Ram Vilas Paswan had said that I would give this warning to every parent that they should not impose their views on their children. I have never run a mobile but nowadays children run instant mobiles. Ram Vilas Paswan further said that till today I have not imposed my views on Chirag, we always supported what Chirag liked. Now I myself take opinion from Chirag.

What did Paswan say on the politics of dynasty? When Rajat Sharma accused Chirag and Ram Vilas Paswan of increasing dynastic politics, he said that Chirag was made the chairman of the parliamentary board directly from parachute? Ram Vilas Paswan replied that the decision was made by senior party leaders. He felt that Chirag would be able to raise the voice of the party more strongly in front of the national president and convince him for many things.

Ram Vilas Paswan had said in this interview that every father wishes his son / daughter to go even further and that is my wish also. Regarding the alliance with the BJP at that time, Ra Mavilas said that Chirag played an important role in LJP’s joining NDA.

In this interview, Ram Vilas Paswan had also advised the parents to consult the children. Ram Vilas had said that I would say that after the age of 60, the advice of children must be taken. After the age of 60, new ideas do not come to mind while children are young and new ideas come to their mind.

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