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Ram Vilas Paswan had kept that letter of Indira Gandhi for years

In 1977, when Ram Vilas Paswan first reached Delhi after winning the Lok Sabha election from Hajipur in Bihar with a record vote, his image had become that of a fire brand leader. From political corridors to bureaucracy, Paswan started getting special attention. After coming to Delhi, he further strengthened his identity. Raising the issues of Dalits prominently, he went to every platform.

By the passage of 2 years, he established himself as a national leader in the political battlefield of Delhi. In the 1980 elections, Paswan won again and reached Parliament. as such Paswan made his political innings It was started by opposing the Congress government led by Indira Gandhi. He also went to jail during the Emergency and had the image of Indira Gandhi as a dictator in his mind, but when he faced Indira Gandhi in Parliament and got a chance to get to know her closely, Paswan’s views changed.

Recently, in Paswan’s biography “Ram Vilas Paswan: Sankalp, Courage and Struggle”, which came from Penguin Publications, Pradeep Srivastava has presented interesting stories from his personal life to political journey.

Just a few days after the 1980 elections Ram Vilas Paswan Some Dalits were murdered and their properties were taken over by the oppressors in Hajipur, the parliamentary constituency of K.K. The matter reached Paswan. He immediately wrote a letter to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi demanding intervention. Taking immediate steps, Indira Gandhi wrote a letter to the then Chief Minister of Bihar, Jagannath Mishra.

Indira Gandhi wrote in her letter ‘I am enclosing the letter of Shri Ram Vilas Paswan with my letter. This is a very serious matter. Get it checked immediately and inform me. Also, inform Paswan about what action has been taken in the matter. Ram Vilas Paswan was very impressed by this quick response of Indira Gandhi. He kept that letter sent by Indira Gandhi with him for many years.

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