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Ram Vilas Paswan was worried till the end, his first wife Rajkumari Devi living in oblivion

Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan passed away. He was 74 years old and was ill for a long time. Paswan was also called the ‘Meteorologist’ of politics. Having worked with 6 Prime Ministers, Paswan’s personal life was also interesting. They had two weddings. The first marriage took place at the age of 14 with Princess Devi, who hails from a rural background. However, in 1981, Paswan divorced the princess and remarried to Reena Sharma.

This is how I met Reena Sharma: The story of the typical Bihari Ram Vilas Paswan and Punjabi Reena Sharma meeting is also interesting. According to an Indian Express report, Reena Sharma was an air hostess by profession and met Ram Vilas Paswan during a journey. Gradually the closeness between the two grew and in 1983 the two got married. However, for a long time no one knew about Paswan’s second marriage.

Later, when the matter caught fire in political circles, Paswan said that he had divorced his first wife, Princess Devi. Paswan’s first wife Rajkumari Devi lives in his ancestral home in Kharagandi, Khagaria, far from Limelight. While the second wife Reena lives in Delhi. Ramvilas has two daughters from the first wife, while Chirag Paswan and a daughter from the second wife.

Till last time, first wife used to care: Paswan may have divorced his first wife, Princess Devi, but she was worried for him till the last moment. At the time of the Lok Sabha elections last year, when journalists questioned him about Paswan’s health and said that he was getting sick, then Princess Devi had expressed concern and said that he (Paswan) works so hard, its health There is an adverse effect.

According to media reports, since when Princess Devi has received the news of Ram Vilas’s demise, she has been in a bad state. She herself is already sick. The local people and family are tying them up.

In the last years, there was a rift with daughters: In recent years, daughters and sons-in-law of the first wife had opened an open front against Ram Vilas Paswan. The eldest daughter Asha had accused Ram Vilas from a public forum that her mother was illiterate, which is why Paswan left her. There was also a tussle over the political legacy.

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