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Rapidly increasing weight can be fatal disease related to Fatty Liver, can be treated at home like this

According to experts, if your weight is increasing rapidly, then this can also be a symptom of fatty liver and you should not ignore it at all.

Many serious diseases have become common due to poor lifestyle and diet. The name of one such disease is – Fatty Liver. There can be many reasons for fatty liver, but it is also very important to get it treated on time. If the patient of fatty liver is not treated on time, then it can even lead to a life-threatening disease like cancer. In such a situation, it is very important that you recognize its symptoms in time and get it treated immediately.

Dr Naveen Kumar of Narayana Hospital explains in his video, ‘Fatty liver is such a disease in which excessive amount of fat gets stored inside the liver. It happens to 20-30 percent of the people in India. Fatty liver usually occurs in people who have diabetes disease or who are already overweight. Although many people may have a problem of fatty liver even after being of normal weight, but after this, sudden rapid weight gain also starts.

Risks: After having a fatty liver, inflammation also occurs in it on the inside. This can also lead to cirrhosis later. After this, liver cancer or liver failure can also occur.

Symptoms: This is a disease that you may not catch in the beginning because it is not detected in advance. But a simple symptom is that there may be early fatigue and abdominal pain. In case of liver weakness, things like bleeding, jaundice or itching may start.

How to avoid If we talk about how the problem of fatty liver can be avoided, then the only answer is that you eat good food and do yoga or exercise daily. Second take least stress.

How to identify? The easiest way to do this is to get your liver tested. Also called LFT test. It can be easily detected by Ultrasound, Fiberscan, MRI. If we talk about treatment, then no medicine has been made yet for its treatment. People who have sugar then they should control it or those who have cholesterol problem then they should control it. Overweight patients should lose weight. If you work out daily and eat good food, then it can be cured by itself.


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