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‘Ravish Kumar .. Don’t cry anymore in live program.’ Trolls regarding Ravish Kumar on the pretext of Bihar election result

Bihar Election Result: The NDA seems to get a majority in the Bihar assembly elections. Nitish Kumar is once again seen becoming the Chief Minister of Bihar according to the election results so far. However, in the exit poll which came three days ago, the grand alliance government was seen to be forming.

Following the rise of the NDA’s grand alliance in Bihar, there are various responses on Twitter. Apart from the leaders, journalists are also being trolled. Trolls have fallen behind senior NDTV journalist Ravish Kumar on the pretext of Bihar assembly elections. Ravish Kumar is constantly being targeted on Twitter and a photo of him is being shared.

One Twitter user shared Ravish’s picture and wrote, ‘Ravish Kumar is feeling disappointed. People of Bihar and NDA: I am sorry babu (Babu, I’m sorry). A Twitter user named Akshay Singh has shared a photo of Ravish Kumar in which the exit poll part shows Ravish Kumar laughing and disappointed in the result part. Akshay Singh has simultaneously written, ‘Ha ha, Bihar Election result and today the face of Ravish Kumar.’

Sharing a photo of NDTV India, a Twitter user named Dharampal has said, “Ravish Kumar .. Don’t cry anymore in the live program.” Suryaprakash Sharma has shared a photo of Ravish Kumar, in which he has his hands on his face. While sharing the photo, Suryaprakash wrote ‘Ravish Kumar’s latest picture (picture).’ A user named Vasu wrote, “The special program of crying on EVMs will be started by Ravish Kumar on NDTV from 4 pm on November 10, information released in public interest.” On Twitter, not only on Twitter, trolls are commenting on journalist Ravish Kumar’s morning post.

Brother Brijesh Pandey is also in the election field: Brijesh Kumar Pandey, brother of Ravish Kumar, is also contesting on the Congress ticket in the assembly elections. Ravish Kumar’s brother Brijesh Pandey is contesting from Govindganj assembly seat. According to the Election Commission of India website, Brijesh Pandey is trailing BJP candidate Sunilmani Tiwari in Govindganj.

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