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Real Madrid bus stuck in Liverpool

Arriving near Anfield, the staff and players of Real Madrid had the bad surprise to be taken to task in their bus by Ultras from Liverpool. A window on the Madrid bus was shattered by a projectile.

Liverpool condemned Wednesday “the actions which led to the degradation of the Real Madrid bus”, a window of which was destroyed “when he arrived at Anfield” for the quarter-final second leg of the Champions League. “It is totally unacceptable and a shameful attitude of a handful of individuals,” regretted the club.

“We sincerely apologize to our visitors for any disturbance this may have caused. We will work with Merseyside Police (Liverpool area) to establish what happened and identify those responsible, ”concluded the Reds. Images disseminated in particular on Twitter had shown the bus in the parking lot of the stadium, with a shattered window, of which the staff of the English club was clearing the debris.

A welcoming committee of dozens of Reds supporters

A video of the bus a few meters from the stadium had also shown a welcoming committee of several dozen Reds supporters massed on the route of the two buses of the Madrid delegation, waving red smoke and cursing the future opponent. Los Blancos won the first leg 3-1 eight days ago. The Madrid club are in a good position to qualify for the final four, which will see the winner take on Chelsea.


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