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Receiving radio signals from the living super-earth side, closest to us

Tuesday, December 22, 2020 15:17 PM (GMT + 7)

Where strange radio signals emit is the Proxima Centauri star system just 4.2 light-years away, home to an orange super-earth once thought to be as livable as Earth.

According to the new article published on the homepage of the SETI Institute (USA), the Parkes Radio Telescope located in Sydney (Australia) captured the aforementioned radio emission while observing the sky serving for SETI’s Groundbreaking Listening project, a program that searches for alien radio signals is underway at the University of California at Berkeley.

Radio astronomy Parkes – Photo: SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN

Unlike previous strange radio signals, which often originate outside galaxies or from neutron stars in the galaxy, this new signal leads to where we are only 4.2 light years away, which is the star system. Proxima Centauri, also the closest star system to the solar system.

According to Scientific American, this is a groundbreaking discovery because this star system has been shown to possess an orange super earth located within the “life zone”, possibly as temperate as our planet. This radio signal also shows constant frequency fluctuations, which are usually emitted by satellites orbiting a planet. If this possibility holds true, the orange super earth that Proxima Centauri owns or another planet orbiting this mysterious parent star could be a civilization no less than ours.

The second hypothesis is that the radio signal is not actually coming from Proxima Centauri’s super earth or other planets, but from a further source and only accidentally passed by Proxima Centauri on the way to Earth. According to SETI scientists, that would still be a hierarchical discovery because the form of the radio signal this time could not be a natural signal like those captured from quasars, after neutrons, pulsars … The natural signal cannot be transmitted in a narrow band like this one.

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