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Referee Ryuji Sato is super hot on TikTok with a series of heart-stopping moments

Saturday, September 4, 2021 16:35 PM (GMT+7)

From the case of Do Duy Manh “eating” a red card in the match against Saudi Arbia, the TikTok community remembers Mr. Ryuji Sato – an exemplary referee in the eyes of many Vietnamese people.

After the controversy surrounding the referee Ilgiz Tantashev giving Saudi Arabia a penalty and disqualifying Do Duy Manh, the Vietnamese team lost 1 – 3 in the opening match in the 3rd Qualifier – World Cup 2022, plus Netizens in Vietnam remember a Japanese referee who left many good impressions in the hearts of fans. It was Mr. Ryuji Sato.

On the social network TikTok, the moments on the pitch of Mr. Ryuji Sato are appearing densely and attracting special attention. Contrary to the feeling of “nightmare” when referring to the referees from West Asia, the TikTokers gave Mr. Ryuji Sato “winged” compliments.

Many short clips of referee Sato Ryuji’s moments on the pitch.

Some remarkable moments such as Mr. Ryuji Sato’s bright, close smile when a player brought a rose to give him. This clip posted on TikTok channel Hoang An has attracted more than 300,000 views. Or like the clip where he threw a coin to let the team choose the pitch/serve first, but the coin suddenly fell into his pocket, which the TikTok community described as a “bulky handling phase”, … also made viewers laghing out loud.

On the contrary, the decisiveness and decisiveness of Mr. Ryuji Sato also made football fans respect. For example, the moment he protected the line referee when the player came to react. According to the online community, every time Mr. Sato has made a decision, the players should not argue. And in fact, his decisions are judged to be very fair and accurate.

As of 4pm on September 4, videos with the hashtag #satoryuji on TikTok have attracted a total of more than 74 million views.

Some of Mr. Sato Ryuji’s moments attract a lot of attention on TikTok.

Mr. Ryuji Sato was born in 1977, has been recognized as a FIFA referee since 2009. Currently, the 44-year-old black king is working at the Japanese national championship J.League. He has experience in working in the top leagues in the continent when he was the referee at the Asian Cup finals, AFC Champions League, AFC Cup and World Cup qualifiers.

In matches with the Vietnamese team, Mr. Ryuji Sato has never disappointed Vietnamese football fans. For example, in the match U23 Vietnam drew 0 – 0 with U23 Jordan at the AFC U23 Championship in Buriram, Thailand in January 2020, he once gave two yellow cards to Jordan players when fouling the player. Vietnam.


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Information about the referee team for the Vietnam – Australia match has been officially confirmed.


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