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Renault Morphoz – self-stretching electric car

The concept is like a “two-in-one” car, with the vehicle size and distance per charge being different between two different modes.

When Renault launched Morphoz in March 2020, many commented that the French company had launched two cars in one product at the same time. In fact, the Morphoz has the strange ability to shorten or lengthen the body as well as the wheelbase, depending on the needs of the user.

In standard “City mode”, the Morphoz is a normal crossover with a length of 4,460 mm and a wheelbase of 2,730 mm. A 40 kWh battery pack connected to an electric motor helps the car run 400 kilometers per charge – more than enough for a few days around the city.

But the problem is that many families will have to have a second car for long journeys, as well as carrying more items. And that’s when the second version of Morphoz came out.

“Travel mode” will automatically extend the bodywork to 4,870 mm and the wheelbase to 2,930 mm. Users can put an additional 50 kWh battery pack under the floor of the car, and Morphoz can run 700 km per charge. Passengers get extra legroom and in the trunk extra room for two suitcases.

The width and height remain the same, 2,000 mm and 1,550 mm respectively.

One of the other impressive features in the cabin is the swivel chair. Instead of rotating 180 degrees so that the front passenger seat is facing the rear seats, Morphoz’s front seats turn 90 degrees.

Possessing a bold futuristic look, but Morphoz is built on the existing structure of the CMF-EV co-operated by Renault and Nissan. There is no information on the production plan of Morphoz.

America – England (according to the CarAdvice)


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