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Revealing 4 reasons why iPhone rarely receives new features

Friday, November 5, 2021 19:40 PM (GMT+7)

Borderless design, fingerprint sensor under the screen … are the first features appearing on Android devices. Why does the iPhone rarely get new features?

If you are an Apple fan, you will probably feel that the iPhone rarely adds new features. Despite this, this is still the smartphone line chosen by more than 1 billion users.

1. All features need to integrate with Apple’s ecosystem

One of the biggest reasons why the iPhone rarely adds new features is because these features are not limited to the iPhone. Instead, it needs to work well on most products in the Apple ecosystem.

While Android manufacturers are constantly adding new features, Apple needs a lot of time to rigorously test features before approving them.

2. Apple prioritizes ease of use over customization

Android gives users a sense of freedom because they can customize almost everything on the phone, while the iPhone focuses on optimization, making it easy for users to get acquainted and use. .

The advantages here are ease of use, tighter integration, better consistency, improved security, privacy… when using Apple products. But all of those advantages come at the cost of losing the freedom to personalize the device or rarely getting new features.

In all of its products, whether it’s the iPhone or the MacBook, Apple prioritizes seamlessness, ease of use, simplicity, and user-friendliness over customization and personalization. That’s why iPhone is so easy to use and users don’t need to have a lot of basic knowledge.

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3. Apple maintains consistency instead of following trends

Android phones come in a variety of sizes and configurations to choose from, while iPhones have almost the same design, with few versions.

Apple is not exactly lazy in innovation, instead, they argue that changing the design language too much from year to year only hinders the company’s brand image. Besides, maintaining design consistency, both in terms of hardware and software, will ensure iPhone users continue to upgrade to the new version.

However, the increasing popularity of Chinese brands in the high-end segment will certainly put a lot of pressure on Apple in the future.

4. Good software takes precedence over new features

If you’ve looked at iPhone reviews and comparisons online, you’ve probably noticed that the iPhone seems to handle core functions a lot better than similarly priced Android phones, such as call, record and video chat.

Revealing 4 reasons why iPhone rarely receives new features - 3

Because there are few versions, it is easy for developers to optimize apps for iPhone.

In a nutshell, iPhones tend to focus more on the overall experience of the device and the user, rather than regularly releasing new features, which are solely for marketing or promotional purposes.


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