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Review super tiny 20W charger specializing in fast charging for iPhone

Saturday, November 21, 2020, 19:00 PM (GMT + 7)

This charger is best suited to the input voltage standard of the iPhone 12, and is also compatible with the fast charging standard of iPhone 11 and other Android smartphones.

It has a super compact design, even smaller than the 5W charger that usually comes with the iPhone, but Anker PowerPort III Nano PD for a charging capacity of up to 20W. This is a special parameter suitable for newer iPhones on the market that support fast charging. Of course, PowerPort III Nano PD also supports fast charging for many Android smartphones from Samsung, Huawei, …

The size of the Anker Powerport III Nano charger 20W.

Quick Charge PowerPort III Nano PD 20W looks quite stylish with beautiful rounded corners and edges. According to the specifications, this product weighs only 106 grams, which is equivalent to an AA primary battery. The color and lines also show high completeness, not as raw as the 5W chargers that come with the iPhone.

The manufacturer said that this Anker Nano charger is best suited to the input voltage standard of the iPhone 12 when it is able to provide the correct amount of power when charging. As for the iPhone 11, it can charge 53% in just 30 minutes.

Review super tiny 20W charger specializing in fast charging for iPhone - 2

Anker Powerport III Nano 20W charger (left) and Apple’s 5W universal charger (right).

Actual testing the charging performance of the PowerPort III Nano PD 20W on an iPhone 11 Pro Max with a battery life of 20%, the results are as follows:

After 5 minutes: Reaching 30%, capacity at 19.2W.

After 10 minutes: Reach 40%, capacity will decrease to 17.5W.

After 22 minutes: Reach 60%, capacity remains stable at 11W.

After 30 minutes: Reach 70%, capacity will continue to decrease gradually during this period.

After 40 minutes: Reach 80%, capacity starts to maintain at 5W.

– After 1 hour 35 minutes: Fully charge the battery 100%.

Thus, for the first time, the iPhone’s software allows to maximize the charging current, making charging time very fast. Later, the iPhone software combined with the charger technology to help regulate the battery flow of the phone, thanks to PowerIQ 3.0 and VoltageBoost technology that optimized charging and fast charging current for mobile devices. Supports Quick Charge and Power Delivery.

During the charging process, the first phase of the charger does heat up, but the manufacturer claims that it does not affect, because MultiProtect technology helps to protect the safety of the charger and the device in case of overheating or overcurrent. In fact, the controlled current is very stable.

In general, with Apple selling an iPhone 12 series without a charger, now iPhone users have to take advantage of the old charger or find their own charger. Out of the countless chargers available on the market, the PowerPort III Nano PD 20W is one of the more economical options with just 400,000 VND (no cables included).

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The same size as other conventional chargers on the market, but this charger is 3 times more powerful.


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