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‘Revision is better than reading new at the last time’ IPS Akash Tomar gave tips for UPSC mains

UPSC Mains Exams: UPSC Civil Services examinations start from next month. According to the Union Public Service Commission, the main examinations of UPSC will start from 8 January 2021. Usually in the last remaining days, the candidates pay attention to revision only. People preparing for civil services are often looking for notes. Everyone wants them to have the notes of someone who has achieved success in this field. This increases the chances of achieving success. During this time people also like to listen to those who have been successful in UPSC.

Meanwhile, Akash Tomar, SSP, Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, has offered to share his notes to help the youth. Not only this, he has also given many tips on the civil services examinations on Twitter.

Akash Tomar, a resident of Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, got his primary education from Virendra Swaroop School in Kanpur. He scored 92 percent in the tenth and 90 percent in the twelfth. Aakash, who was smart in reading, was also selected at IIT Roorkee, but he has done B.Tech from Allahabad. After this, after working in an American company for 6 months, Akash decided to appear in the UPSC exam. In 2013, he finished 138th.

According to reports, Akash’s father Satyapal Singh Tomar also wanted to become an IAS officer. But his dream could not be fulfilled due to family problems. He has been the Principal of LDV Inter College, Bulandshahr.

Let me tell you that almost a week ago IPS Akash Tomar tweeted that he has his own 2012 notes. If any candidate wants to read it, please reply here or contact me via email. In addition, he has also shared a link to his saved notes, which people can download. At the same time, on December 18, he has also shared some tips for the candidates. He wrote that –

Read only one good book for every subject. It is better to read a book several times than to read many books.

Notes should be modeled so that they are easy to revise.

Practice writing answers

Revision is better than reading new book in last 2 months

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