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Roland-Garros: atmosphere of a football match in the stands for the doubles match with Benoît Paire

LE SCAN SPORT – Benoît Paire and Romain Arneodo played their game in a highly charged atmosphere with two stands exchanging songs like football supporters.

Eliminated in the first round of the men’s tournament by Casper Ruud, Benoît Paire continued his adventure at Porte d’Auteuil in doubles alongside Romain Arneodo. Friday, the French pair qualified for the round of 16 against the duo Daniell-Oswald (6-0, 6-4) in a rather surreal atmosphere on a court annex glued to the majestic Philippe-Chatrier court, the n ° 7 . The latter, which can accommodate a few hundred people, has been transformed into a veritable lively football venue with two kops sending songs to each other as supporters regularly do in the bends.

The two stands respond to each other as in a football stadium

While they had just pocketed the first set 6-0, the two French saw a handful of spectators get up in the corner of the court, shouting with one voice, the refrain: “It is on port side that” we yell we yell! We yell the loudest on the port side! ” A show appreciated by Benoît Paire at first a little intrigued and then very amused. The tribune opposite took a little time to react to this provocation before responding with logic: “We are yelling on the starboard, we are yelling!” We yell the loudest on the starboard side! “

This little game lasted, enrolling a few more spectators on each side each time. Benoît Paire personally took part in the show by getting up to play the conductors and encourage each platform to give voice. This sweet euphoria continued due to the absence of the two opponents of the Habs, left the court for a little while. Benoît Paire, who has continued to complain about the absence of the public in the stands in recent months due to the health crisis, appreciated.


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