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Roshan Kumar had barely passed in class XII, did not lose even after four failures, became an IPS officer

Roshan Kumar did not give up hope even after failing in UPSC. Eventually he got success in the fifth attempt and he was successful in becoming an IPS officer.

It is the dream of every educated youth to clear UPSC, but sometimes failure breaks the spirits. Today we will tell you the story of Roshan Kumar. Roshan Kumar may have become an IPS officer today, but it was not easy for him to reach here. Even in the first two attempts, Roshan Kumar could not clear the prelims. Along with this, he was also doing full time job.

He was facing a lot of trouble in preparing for the job and UPSC, but he had full faith in himself. After this, Roshan could not even clear the mains in the third and fourth attempt. However, in the fifth attempt, he fulfilled his childhood dream and he managed to become an IPS. Roshan Kumar got 114 rank in UPSC 2018.

Roshan had told in an interview that he was simple in studies from the beginning. Even he got only 58 percent marks in the 12th exam. In this too, his highest number was in physical education. It was also difficult for Roshan to look towards UPSC. After 12th he decided to do engineering, but the marks were so low that he did not even attempt for IIT.

Even after failure, did not lose courage: Roshan Kumar started preparing for UPSC along with doing engineering from some other college, but the family married Roshan Kumar in the meantime. Roshan had told that after this more responsibilities came on him. On the other hand, he was getting frequent failures in UPSC.

Roshan says when you prepare for this exam, don’t tell about it to anyone except very special people. This exam is so demanding and success in it is so difficult that you don’t burden yourself with their expectations by telling others.

Roshan says, “You have to crack this exam along with the job. Because no one will give you any separate time. You have to make time out of this too. That’s why it is best to go ahead and rely on luck, it is better to believe in yourself. Incorporate UPSC preparation into your daily routine. You will definitely get success in this.


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