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Rugby: Bernard Lemaître, president of Toulon, confirms the arrival of Cheslin Kolbe

The leader admitted that he was making, with this thunderous transfer, “an exception for an exceptional player”.

It is now a certainty: Cheslin Kolbe will leave Stade Toulousain to join Rugby Club Toulonnais. The president of Rugby Club Toulonnais, Bernard Lemaître, confirmed it in the columns of Var Morning. The Var leader, who had announced on his arrival at the RCT that he would not make a policy of recruiting stars of the oval ball, admitted that he was going to make a “exception»For the world champion Springbok, who arrived at the Stade Toulousain in 2017.

We promised ourselves that we would henceforth be less dependent on internationals because we paid a heavy price last season. But this is an exception for an exceptional player“He told the local daily. To attach the services of the winger to the electrical support, the RCT should pay compensation of 1.8 million euros to Toulouse to buy back his last two years of contract, according to Olympic noon, who adds that the club with a bit of lily of the valley is ready to offer him an annual salary of one million euros, which Toulouse did not want.

Arrival in December

Many things are now favorable to Toulon. It is an important operation and not easy to carry out to be in the nails of the salary cap», Continues Bernard Lemaître in Var Morning. But ittis a truly exceptional opportunity, especially since we needed a game winner in the back lines. For a more average player, we wouldn’t have done it», He indicates. The Boks winger will not land in the harbor until early December, after having played in the Rugby Championship and then the autumn tour in the northern hemisphere.

Everyone is free to do what they want but it’s always a shame, it sullies the image of the players

Jonathan danty

This transfer – the most important in the history of rugby where contract buyouts are very rare – is causing a lot of ink to flow. Asked by our colleagues from RMC, the three-quarter international center Jonathan Danty, who left Stade Français Paris (where he was at the end of his contract) for Stade Rochelais, did not mince his words about this episode. “I have principles and that kind of thing … When you get involved, you go to the end of your commitment, except if it doesn’t go well or if it goes badly. But in this case, I don’t think so. Afterwards, we all have different ties: some are men, some are life, some are money.

And the former Parisian to launch: “I will not allow myself to judge this subject but it is certain that I do not work like that. Everyone is free to do what they want but it’s always a shame, it sullies the image of the players. These are choices and as long as the players assume them, good for them.


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