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Rugby: the former English star of Toulon, Chris Ashton, is lost

During his time at the RCT, in 2017-2018, the winger of the XV de la Rose had broken the record for tests registered in Top 14. Since then, he has been dragging his discomfort. To the point of thinking of hanging up the crampons.

His third club in eighteen months will probably not be the right one either. At 34, the former XV de la Rose winger could see his contract prematurely terminated with Worcester. His current club, of which he has only donned the jersey four times in 2021 (the last on March 27 …), has indeed taken steps in this direction, according to The Daily Mail. Which reports extra-sporting reasons, namely an altercation with a teammate. At first, he would have been suspended, hence his disappearance from the group. Information that the leaders of Worcester have not, however, formalized.

Record holder for the number of tries registered in a season in the Top 14

Another failure for the former player of Northampton, Saracens and Toulon. Which has been going on destinations since his departure from the RCT in the summer of 2018. On the harbor, Chris Ashton nevertheless shone brightly. He broke the record for tries in one season (24 tries in 23 Top 14 matches). He had two years of contract and good days to live in Mayol. But his wife did not like in the Var and Mourad Boudjellal had agreed to release him from his contract so that he could join Sale, in the north of England.

Initially, everything is fine. He played 37 matches and slammed 21 tries. Before joining the Harlequins 18 months ago. The beginning of the end for the winger who has worn the XV de la Rose jersey 44 times (28 tries). Only six matches played during this period. And not the slightest test registered. To the point, at 34, of considering hanging up the crampons, motivation at half mast far from the sun of Toulon …

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