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Saddle, light, speed, parking, electric: we tested (and struggled with) the Vélibs of the City of Paris

TEST – For a week, we used the bicycles of the City of Paris to make our home-office trip, and vice versa. The results are mixed to say the least …

Monday October 11: capricious chain and saddle

Miracle! Only one Vélib, this Monday at 9:19 am at the station located rue des Vignes, and it seems to work. Inflated tires, a pretty dolphin painted on the rear fender, bike number 16693 inspires confidence. The descent is quiet and the brakes effective to reach the cycle path laid under the Maison de la radio. And there, the first bad news: at irregular intervals, the chain jumps and jerks (without derailing). Nothing dramatic but annoying. Especially since the trip is pleasant along the quays of the Seine, with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. On position 2 of the derailleur, the situation gets worse for chain breaks and requires an immediate return to speed 3. And speaking of speed, despite an average pace between 18 and 20 km / h, morale takes a hit. . To be overtaken by pretty young ladies on electric bikes who do not seem to let go of the slightest drop of sweat while we coal like our double world champion Julian

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