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Saigon Phantom wins the Winter Arena of Fame 2020

Monday 9/11/2020 20:05 PM (GMT + 7)

The final match of the largest electronic sports tournament in Vietnam with a total prize of nearly 3 billion VND, the Winter Arena of Fame in the winter of 2020 of Lien Quan Mobile has ended with the victory of Saigon Phantom team.

The final match featured two teams, Saigon Phantom and Box Gaming, competing in the touch 4 format.

Being rated higher with the home advantage, Saigon Phantom easily took the lead with the score 3-0. Box Gaming, despite its efforts, only managed to get 1 point in game 4 and the match ended with a 4-1 final score.

After nearly two years of waiting, Saigon Phantom returned to the throne and won 900 million in prize money. Player Lai Bang of the team was also honored as the best player of the season with 160 million awards.

In addition, the final also has many other award categories up to 150 million VND. On November 19, the representatives of Vietnam will also continue to participate in the international tournament AIC 2020 with a total prize of nearly 12 billion VND and compete in online form.

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