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Sale of preferential rates to buy cars for million USD

AmericaA car salesman of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is accused of conspiracy to scam and cause $ 8.7 million in losses.

The indictment stated that 34-year-old employee, Apollon Nimo of Parkway Dodge Jeep Ram (Detroit, Michigan) dealer, plotted to sell employee discounts to customers not under preferential treatment.

In fact, FCA offers a 5% discount on car prices for employees and their relatives. In the meantime, the investigation found that the majority of the cars Nimo sold were under the incentive program, making Nismo the company’s top salesperson nationwide.

A Jeep Gladiator in front of the dealership where Apollon Nimo used to work. This 2020 pickup model costs about $ 35,000.

In addition to discounts, FCA losses also include bonuses that other employees receive. In the report, the Department of Security Investigation (HSI) agents pointed out that during 2010-2019, Nismo received $ 700,000 in prize money directly from the car manufacturer, in addition to other amounts from the dealer.

FCA investigators learned of the scam after discovering that the employee code was trafficked in a private group on the social network. Many employees complain to the automaker that their employee ID is being used without approval. After analyzing 268 illegally used employee codes, it is revealed that all of these numbers led to Nimo, in the years 2016-2018.

At FCA, each employee gets a discount code per year and they can give it to their loved one to use it when buying a new car. An agent checks information in its system with data such as employee’s name, relative’s name, and employee number.

Prosecutors also discovered that the employee code was being bought and sold through a number of private groups on social media, while investigators were especially suspicious that Nimo sold about 250 vehicles in January alone. 2020 – an unusually high result.

Nimo was arrested last week and faces 20 years in prison.

America – England (according to the Auto News, Detroit News)


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