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Salman Khan’s bodyguard salary is in crores, know how much his monthly income is

Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera has lived with him for the last 26 years like his shadow. Shera, whose real name is Gurmeet Singh Jolly, says that he will live with Salman till his last breath. Salman Khan also considers Shera as his family. He also gives a significant amount of money to Shera in the form of salary. Their annual earnings are so high that even the CEOs of big companies do not get that much salary.

According to media reports, Salman pays a salary of 2 crore rupees annually to Shera i.e. more than 16 lakh rupees every month. Bonding issues of Shera and Salman Khan are common. When Salman Khan made the film Bodyguard, it was dedicated to Shera. Salman Khan and Shera first met when Hollywood singer Wigfield came to India. Shera was under his security.

Talking to the viral Bollywood channel about this, Shera had said, ‘We met for the first time when I was handling the security of Wigfield’s show. I met Salman Khan again when Hollywood hero Kenu Reeves came to India. I did the first show with Salman in Chandigarh. Since then we have been with each other. ‘

Shera once said in a conversation with The Indian Express, ‘Who can do this kind of work in the industry? I am like a horse at a wedding who always stands ready to ride the groom. I always worry about the boss, wherever he goes, I am also there. I am their man. I have done what the boss has said till date. So I am part of the owner’s family. ‘

Apart from Salman, Shera has given her security to many big foreign celebrities. Shera became his bodyguard when Justin Bieber came to Mumbai in connection with his show. He has also served Will Smith, Jackie Chan, Michael Jackson.

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