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Samsung hinted that Steve Jobs was the one wearing turtlenecks that made iFan uncomfortable

Tuesday, August 24, 2021 20:00 PM (GMT+7)

In a recent piece of content, Samsung mentioned the image that according to iFans is a characteristic element of the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.

Samsung and Apple are two of the biggest manufacturers and competitors when it comes to smartphones and other consumer electronics. These companies also often organize lawsuits and sometimes use jokes against each other. And in the latest move, Samsung’s action has made many Apple users feel uncomfortable.

Steve Jobs often wore turtlenecks at iPhone launches.

Accordingly, the Korean giant is said to have mocked Steve Jobs when calling him “a turtleneck” – which for many Apple users is not satisfied at all. This content appeared on Samsung’s iTest website, allowing Android users to test the Android features available on the Galaxy with their iPhone.

Specifically, Samsung said: “Samsung users are unique and they also like their phones to be unique. No turtleneck wearer can dictate what your phone should look like.”

Although no Apple name is directly mentioned in the statement on Samsung’s iTest website, the mention of Steve Jobs is quite conspicuous as the man often wears turtlenecks during public events and interviews. .

Samsung alluded to Steve Jobs as a

Content mentioned by Samsung on iTest website.

For Apple fans, and especially admirers of the late CEO, such mockery of Jobs may be hard to ignore. Steve Jobs was a man who is now gone and remains one of the biggest names in the entire tech industry.


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