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Sanitary bubble of the XV of France: “If there is a lie, there must be sanctions,” said the former coach Skrela

“If there is a lie” around the cluster of the XV of France, “there must be sanctions”, estimated Sunday the former coach Jean-Claude Skrela (1995-1999), elected opposition to the steering committee to the French Rugby Federation (FFR), in an interview with AFP.

The Minister Delegate for Sports Roxana Maracineanu requested an internal investigation from the FFR and requested the Ministry of Health. Are you satisfied?
Jean-Claude Skrela: The correct method would be to know what the sanitary bubble is. How did it work? We should know the content of the bubble. The Ministry of Sports should today launch an investigation led by inspectors general (of the ministry). There are only people outside the federation who can conduct this investigation.

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What do you think of the role of Serge Simon, vice-president of the Federation and “covid manager” of the Blues?
In all French clubs, there is a “covid manager”. And they took this role very seriously so that the clubs could play rugby. Today there are (amateur) clubs that cannot play. They can only train without opposition. They are lucky enough to be able to travel and play rugby. You have to show respect. There is certainly Serge Simon, but there is especially Bernard Laporte who is the president. It is he who gives the orders, the tempo. If the organization around the bubble hasn’t worked, they are both to blame. If there are any who have gone for a walk outside, who have gone to eat waffles, it is because they have been allowed to do so. If this is true, it is unacceptable because they would not have respected the contract that was set for them. Somewhere, they are also lying to the world of rugby that they have the right to go out. I wouldn’t ask for resignation, but if there is a lie, there must be sanctions.

“If Fabien Galthié is really out (of the bubble) and it is proven, as has been said (by the media), then he advocates commitment, respect and emphasizes the chance to continue to play in rugby, he’ll have to explain it and tell the players the truth ”

Can this episode leave traces in a team in full rebirth?
He will only leave traces if the truth is not proven, if we stick to speeches that are not real and that the players no longer have confidence in the head of the federation. The truth must therefore be established. If there is a lie, it is an external investigation that can determine it. And if there are indeed lies, it will be necessary to burst the abscess and then to rebuild around the collective state of mind. Rugby is a combat sport. Who says combat says state of mind of solidarity. To rebuild it, everyone will have to take responsibility for them, sweep them away and move on. I think it is at this price that this young team from France, in reconstruction and which was starting to count in European rugby, will be able to win the Tournament.

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Can trust be broken between the players and the management?
If Fabien Galthié is really out (of the bubble) and that it is proven, as it has been said (by the media), then he advocates commitment, respect and underlines the chance to be able to continue playing rugby, he will have to explain it and tell the truth to the players. Me, I had difficulties with players when I told them the truth to their face, when it was a question of not selecting them. I know it hurts when you tell the truth. But they can only rebuild with the truth. And behind they will have work to rebuild a collective state of mind based on trust.


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