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Saturday and Monday

Saturday from the 29e week in ordinary time (Lk 13: 1-9)

“The people reported to Jesus the matter of the Galileans that Pilate had slain …” We would think we were reading the newspaper that tells us about massacres, building collapses, storms, droughts, so many evils caused by the violence of nature or of men who daily kill innocent people and bring astonishment, pain, unanswered questions.

Where is God? And if he is the omnipotence of love, why does he not stop the terrorist’s arm and the unleashing of the wind? It is very difficult for us not to look for a hidden fault in the victims and a ” God’s will “ to punish. But God has done his work of creation by withdrawing and he is fully by our side, helplessly watching the suffering of humans, with infinite pain in the measure without measure of his infinite love.

“But if you do not convert, you will all perish likewise. ” These people who perished, who perish are simple sinners, like us. If we believe that Jesus is God-with-us, then let’s convert, turn to him; to turn away from him would be a certain death of our inner life. And let us have confidence, because God is patient, infinitely, he gives us time. If we are attentive, we recognize the discreet signs of his presence, he believes in us and in the fruitfulness of our life.

A sister of the Carmel of Frileuse

Other texts: Eph 4, 7-16; Ps 121.


Monday from the 30e week in ordinary time (Lk 13, 10-17)

There are a lot of symbolic elements in this text. So the woman is “Linked” by a “Sick mind” and Jesus the “Detach from this link”. The term for this deliverance (v. 15) is the one used when we “Untie his ox or his donkey” (v. 16). Her infirmity, moreover, keeps her in a position which condemns her to look at the ground. It forbids him the vertical position, this mark of humanity which allows the word to be well heard, to the gaze to see well, to foresee, to discern, to anticipate. His relationship to others and to the world is therefore heavily altered. She is prevented from looking up, towards the sky, which represented the place of the divinity. Besides, as soon as she is healed, she raises her praise to God. She perceived that it is not she who “stands up”. The verb, in fact, is in the passive. It is therefore through an Other that she “Is rectified”. This “bent” woman here becomes the symbol of a crippled humanity, deprived of any relationship with God and yet called by him to deliverance. The term that says this “bent” position often meant, at the time, all the “bent” of society, the poor, the weak, the oppressed. They have not disappeared today. Come join those who live withdrawn into their “I”, those who are “closed” in their solitude, those whose “down-to-earth” gaze reduces their existence to materialism … May God straighten them out when life brings them back “Curve” and lift their eyes to the hope that He offers.

Michel bertrand

Other texts: Eph 4, 32 – 5, 8; Ps 1.


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